Amassing and Attacking #162

Alliances may consist of up to 50 pimps. Each day at a reset time you will receive 100 extra turns. 100 turns to start and no reserve turns. There will be only ONE city. There is no running away from this ass kicking.

Alliance Net Worth
1st Smelly h0b0s and fri led by candlewax_h0b0 $3.7 B
h0b0 blunt smoke, smelly kitten, smellyfuckedher, smellyfuckedhim, Crazyh0b0, h0b0Knife, h0b0 alex, h0b0 hauwie, Littlest h0b0, smelly terd, smellMYbutt, h0B0 Sideswipe, hobophobe, Smelly Pegballer, h0b0 Gam0t0, Smelly Neighbour, berok the h0b0, sensy, h0b0sexual, Cabal Archon, shapes, SmElly 7 HoBo, Theh0b0JaZz, cynic, Uber h0b0, Smelly H0b0, h0b0 Power, smelly FiSh, legit balla, Smelly Hobo 1, smelly underpant, smelly 01, Teh Smelly 0ne, h0b0man, Kontraband, mscopy, DPA Ownz Me, Reprehensible, WhoreDogg, JAY J DA PIMP,

Pimp Alliance Hoes Thugs Net Worth
1st h0b0sexual Smelly h0b0s and fri 17,142 1,964,657 $632.5 M
2nd Diaper Bomb Brutal Force 17,580 1,946,366 $628.1 M
3rd Bob Dobbs GODS 17,259 1,645,210 $536.9 M
4th sLow GODS 13,491 1,469,508 $474.6 M
5th NakedThor GODS 14,889 1,321,379 $434.1 M
6th h0B0 Sideswipe Smelly h0b0s and fri 12,450 1,278,180 $414.8 M
7th hobophobe Smelly h0b0s and fri 13,049 1,256,699 $409.6 M
8th candlewax h0b0 Smelly h0b0s and fri 14,096 1,196,891 $403.9 M
9th Mr Papsmear DOMINUS 12,685 1,065,017 $351.3 M
10th DPA Ownz Me Smelly h0b0s and fri 9,105 1,057,446 $340.6 M

"You get treated like a BITCH."
shooter mcgavin
of Legion Of Doom
"I miss my girl Bambi"
of Smelly h0b0s and fri

"Elite whore ninja."
shooter mcgavin
of Legion Of Doom
"People say I'm a BITCH."
of 0oDRuG ADDiCTzo0

"My thugs is crazy whack"
of Smelly h0b0s and fri
"Thug Killa'."
of MeAndMyFriends
"Supreme Car Thief."
of U S A Pimps

Pimp Alliance Hoes Thugs Net Worth
11th Kontraband Smelly h0b0s and fri 7,061 1,003,856 $318.8 M
12th RePPiN RaGe DOMINUS 15,447 914,515 $313.7 M
13th smellMYbutt Smelly h0b0s and fri 8,788 774,943 $266.7 M
14th hazzy DOMINUS 15,406 679,863 $243.5 M
15th smellyfuckedhim Smelly h0b0s and fri 10,560 673,791 $228.8 M
16th Koator Brutal Force 10,597 649,924 $223.7 M
17th spankmasta Smoothest Criminals 13,692 544,467 $199.6 M
18th ZOMBIE DOMINUS 10,180 564,344 $195.8 M
19th Samoan Straight Up Pimpin 10,124 559,466 $194.4 M
20th rowdy -DoomsDay- 7,477 539,627 $180.8 M
21st Remulon H20 Thugs 11,339 496,422 $179.3 M
22nd i suk at english Schwarzeneggers 7,079 489,724 $176.7 M
23rd ohhyep Legion Of Doom 11,085 487,524 $174.3 M
24th bjrb 8,375 484,341 $166.3 M
25th Quetzalcoatl LeetN00bKillaz 7,049 480,180 $162.7 M
26th mscopy Smelly h0b0s and fri 12,822 407,450 $154.3 M
27th Disturbed NaturalBornKillers 9,893 422,368 $151.5 M
28th Los Zapatoes The Body Shop 9,873 421,715 $151.5 M
29th TheresHateInMe blood Lines revenge 12,105 402,979 $151.2 M
30th Pimpus McPete 8,368 423,034 $148.0 M
31st DAMADBOMBERS HOE GoSmokeAPole 8,219 412,108 $144.4 M
32nd Gh05t DOMINUS 7,237 411,358 $143.3 M
33rd Kenny G Spot Fear Factor 11,028 360,037 $140.0 M
34th D-Town Solja Smoothest Criminals 12,397 360,984 $139.9 M
35th THC PimP Straight Up Pimpin 9,119 376,948 $136.0 M
36th WincPimp -DoomsDay- 7,721 383,006 $134.2 M
37th PaperChase Irish Hooligans 9,320 357,362 $130.6 M
38th Jericho Cane Schwarzeneggers 10,230 343,179 $128.8 M
39th Biiiiiiitch InSaInCloWnPoSSe 13,663 308,182 $128.6 M
40th Ya Wanna Malicious Intentions 12,265 317,124 $126.1 M
41st yopapasdaddy This Is War 11,235 318,377 $124.5 M
42nd smellyfuckedher Smelly h0b0s and fri 7,556 331,577 $121.9 M
43rd ice princess Fear Factor 10,046 311,275 $120.9 M
44th ScMexican MASS DESTRUCTION 2,736 370,158 $119.1 M
45th WinterHawk Irish Hooligans 9,976 312,349 $119.1 M
46th skills Smoothest Criminals 11,099 301,773 $118.8 M
47th D Joker InSaInCloWnPoSSe 6,623 323,824 $118.0 M
48th DAGO Ass kikas 6,651 322,999 $115.6 M
49th ThUg PiMp 0oDRuG ADDiCTzo0 8,863 311,268 $115.5 M
50th Pimper Straight Up Pimpin 10,366 298,432 $115.4 M
51st M 6,718 310,312 $113.8 M
52nd Dark Tooth InSaInCloWnPoSSe 10,587 269,552 $111.3 M
53rd HapEt H20 Thugs 11,118 277,117 $111.2 M
54th Bad Ass Legion Of Doom 8,669 297,697 $111.0 M
55th Eric11 Legion Of Doom 10,089 278,633 $108.9 M
56th XtC 0oDRuG ADDiCTzo0 10,084 272,306 $108.8 M
57th Kashmir Fear Factor 5,648 254,673 $106.8 M
58th silkdawgg NaturalBornKillers 10,335 261,238 $105.1 M
59th Nabz HARD-HEADS 10,920 252,153 $103.1 M
60th Angry ReAdY 2 RuMbLe 1,110 297,811 $99.6 M
61st JoeLowBall 8,864 251,788 $98.8 M
62nd BlackLace 9,330 247,130 $97.8 M
63rd EastCoastPimpin -DoomsDay- 5,877 275,000 $97.2 M
64th T Bone 9,414 233,342 $96.9 M
65th clam hunter new born killers 7,483 255,350 $95.8 M
66th Uber h0b0 Smelly h0b0s and fri 10,392 222,923 $93.2 M
67th peruvian flakes Legion Of Doom 8,823 231,932 $91.6 M
68th 40 0z to freedom LA COSA NOSTRA 9,162 216,477 $87.9 M
69th Reprehensible Smelly h0b0s and fri 14,772 165,000 $86.5 M
70th 50 CENT Dont Tempt Us 12,418 182,100 $85.9 M
71st thamother blood Lines revenge 7,129 224,273 $85.5 M
72nd Blackdog Smoothest Criminals 12,523 178,168 $85.4 M
73rd Huey Fear Factor 9,877 199,685 $85.3 M
74th fuck-a-ho This Is War 12,347 179,835 $84.8 M
75th caniplay Old School Mafia 9,615 200,314 $84.1 M
76th Bitchslappah 9,854 197,004 $83.9 M
77th Dilandau Fear Factor 6,349 226,394 $83.8 M
78th losdamasta 0oDRuG ADDiCTzo0 9,544 197,617 $83.1 M
79th bitch controler 4,357 234,999 $83.1 M
80th Smelly HoBo -Chronic-Crew- 11,577 178,636 $83.0 M
81st Dr Pimp 2 Fuckin Hostile 8,482 200,311 $81.3 M
82nd hemp papers Brutal Force 12,967 158,882 $81.3 M
83rd hypnotica 10,452 183,309 $81.1 M
84th AzN BadBoy NaturalBornKillers 9,024 191,384 $80.2 M
85th Blackhaze5 0oDRuG ADDiCTzo0 8,940 190,133 $80.1 M
86th Speedy LoC -DoomsDay- 10,553 178,767 $80.0 M
87th Mr Stinky In The Bed Room 8,840 192,449 $79.8 M
88th DotCom MeAndMyFriends 1,304 58,758 $79.7 M
89th Lamp Post GODS 10,114 180,375 $79.6 M
90th HolyFucker 11,184 170,534 $79.6 M
91st TLK InSaInCloWnPoSSe 6,951 203,672 $78.5 M
92nd CreamyDelight Brutal Force 14,453 136,890 $78.4 M
93rd wellhungone Legion Of Doom 10,491 172,201 $78.2 M
94th 1FineMama Straight Up Pimpin 8,545 187,818 $77.9 M
95th smellyPOWER Brutal Force 10,693 167,778 $77.2 M
96th Will Ferrell MASS DESTRUCTION 8,655 183,571 $77.1 M
97th Gizmo Straight Up Pimpin 9,751 167,955 $75.7 M
98th 8-ball 0oDRuG ADDiCTzo0 10,651 159,497 $74.5 M
99th WyldeOne untouchables 5,615 194,301 $74.2 M
100 Hommie The Clown Malicious Intentions 14,052 128,288 $73.6 M

Alliance Net Worth
1st Smelly h0b0s and fri led by candlewax_h0b0 $3.7 B
h0b0 blunt smoke, smelly kitten, smellyfuckedher, smellyfuckedhim, Crazyh0b0, h0b0Knife, h0b0 alex, h0b0 hauwie, Littlest h0b0, smelly terd, smellMYbutt, h0B0 Sideswipe, hobophobe, Smelly Pegballer, h0b0 Gam0t0, Smelly Neighbour, berok the h0b0, sensy, h0b0sexual, Cabal Archon, shapes, SmElly 7 HoBo, Theh0b0JaZz, cynic, Uber h0b0, Smelly H0b0, h0b0 Power, smelly FiSh, legit balla, Smelly Hobo 1, smelly underpant, smelly 01, Teh Smelly 0ne, h0b0man, Kontraband, mscopy, DPA Ownz Me, Reprehensible, WhoreDogg, JAY J DA PIMP,

2nd GODS led by ZEUS $2.0 B
Tyr, Qetesh, Uranus, Brutal, Lamp Post, David Koresh, Rev Jim Jones, NakedThor, Bob Dobbs, ptah, Loke, Jehovah, savvy, Legba, sLow, ChampmanTaz, zZzZzZzZz, ho queen, Eazy-E, SMOKIN, SpraYman, BoxingKangaroo, WhtGurlGetinHers, fiver, 16th Amendmant, LTDANG,

3rd Legion Of Doom led by Prophecy $1.7 B
Agent0069, Remi, Heathen, -yangachi-, HiLLSiZiDe LOD, Sweep, Snake, MzKitty, Cee-Note, BIG MATT, YeRdED, Horherder, YouzaHoe, shooter mcgavin, ohhyep, Rampag3, SoulCatcher, Darkness001, peruvian flakes, OldPimpSameShit, sir lustig, wellhungone, AnCiEnTpRiDe, pimpn, Rob The Ripper, SpoonieLuv, pimpinainteasy, mrwhitefolks, sweetass, Bad Ass, dikks4chikks, darkevil, Madam Butterfly, SOUTHERN-REBEL, TeddyTrons, DrDooom, shocktroop, Fuckin-Dun, HomieDontPlayDat, The LidMan, chrissypimp, DA THUG GIRL, Is It 420 Yet, civic crazy, BBastard, Eric11, PiMpDuDe,

4th Straight Up Pimpin led by The_Easter_Bunny $1.6 B
suzyfluzzy, hosenose, kastro, FityPhy Cent, BuzzStock, KING BUD X, WhiteBread, DoubleD, THC PimP, 1FineMama, jinglesdfuzd, turntrix, devilsadvocate, Zabuza, SinDaRella, aKshun, p pimp, TonySoprano, leegutter, Jason, sneeky, Stahlahoe, Ryder, Pimp fo yo girl, Samoan, BIG PIMPIN, Gizmo, Zymo, Devil, DaddyKool, KILLER B THE 2, tattoodude, Pimper, BOBOLINK, slap nutz, WoRD2YouRMoTHeR, Body Snatcher, LILKAPPA, MOBSTYLE, wHoopmasta, PussyFucker, libtech, Bigdawg, DA-BOMB, MightyRule,

5th DOMINUS led by fuzzylogix $1.5 B
ZOMBIE, ExoticAngel, Gyromite, Killer Pimp, THEMACKMUTHAFUCK, Game Over, PrODiGy, Gh05t, D3v1N, SPINNER, hazzy, ShaolinMaster, JohnnyBlaze, Weeeeeeeeeeee, Mr Papsmear, tRiPz, Sum Dumb Name, SubZero, Digitalo1ne, RePPiN RaGe, Lethal Injection, idaineezy, JohnGotti,

6th Smoothest Criminals led by The_Game $1.5 B
mrsnatch, habitualoffender, PimpinHoe, Gusto, DK-Pimp, skills, Blackdog, cashus, Slayer pimp, JUANESS, redfingers, PIMPSNOOP, god of thunder, PACC02, -SyNcEr-, MacDaddyRay, PLUNKETT, Succubus, Pimp-K, HomeBoy, q222, BlocBleeda, HeHateMe, smegma, upstate, Surreal Pimp, wolfdogg, miss slapahoe, Fook Mi, EvilEye, kickass, HealthPimp, spankmasta, InHALE, dopey, D-Town Solja, mamiyar, Doc Holliday, 211-N-187, Master Wok,

7th 0oDRuG ADDiCTzo0 led by XtC $1.4 B
ThUg PiMp, HornyD, gangstapimp4life, KillaPimp, Blackhaze5, RaNcId RaGdOLL, Dhashsmoka, PerfectChaos, TakeUrLife187, wyteboy1, one-thumb, HEMAN, kirilll7, BigDaddyRed, TomDaDevil, St8gangsta, Biggdogg 24, J051186, losdamasta, MissFrost, jerome 27, system, HotBlooded, masterasskicker, Str8jakin, hurrkane, PaPaLoVe, 8-ball, Rines, 2 PAC, JEDIPIMP, KingOfChronic, Schizo, Juvy-Tha-Great, LSU Pimp Daddy, Resist, PingPongPimp, TheGreatPoonkake, WeShootin, dice27666, Tony-Montana, PEER, SWooPS, Creeper, Semperfi TDI, PussyEatinMOFO,

8th This Is War led by Candy_Man $1.4 B
Roller, RubberBand Man, TDO-Pimpin, pimp from ultimo, KEn 1986, redskin70, ZERO COOL, Lowbacca, dingo, Playa a, Ozymandias, Bros Before Hoes, BDS Thug Angel, Smooth B, Pimpaz, powrpole, MiZz BitCh, Vital Idol, yopapasdaddy, SexyUnderPanties, StankyJames, Wise Guy, DragonWizard, erabus, Banksta, slickcat, bill, fuck-a-ho, Rival, CEREAL RAPIST, Motorhead, jenna69, kd, Bobbylicious, Kreep358, benhianma, PimpDevil, donwon, da freq stylee, Regalia, IceLady, hoebeater101,

9th Malicious Intentions led by MaliciousBitch $1.2 B
Soup, Weapon, WhoreMan, Oraklet, THE INTIMIDATOR, CEPHEUS, 00YiYo, MACKSaMILLION, Apple Daddy, BigCockandBallz, StackOCrac, B-L, TwistedHalo, hillybillybob, Manchvegas, Jake Jizzpump, LeMoN HeAdZ, SpankThatMonkey, Stalin, PDJ, HeadCheese, PiMPiNSaNe, DawgY StylE, Ya Wanna, Taz, the muscle, Mack10, Fother Mucker, Bolletje, bigmackdaddy, Beelzebub, AmandaHuggenkiss, Priest, The Dark Angel, Focker, recognizeb, bigpimpschlonker, Que, SloMacDaddy, mentalboy, nervous, CHiso69, Hommie The Clown, Crawler, ColdCocked, PHATTY,

10th InSaInCloWnPoSSe led by TwIsTeD_CloWn $1.2 B
EVIL CLOWN, Dark Tooth, SirSmoke, Pennywise, Pagliacci, n00bfucker, D Joker, Big E, The Joker, hommie da clown, Weirdo, LooK-At-U-Now, Biiiiiiitch, Chilligan, - BiaTch -, DaRKcLoWn, gangstaB, S3rB, Bengtbure, JINJ, GaCyClOwN, Turd Shizzle, GreenGator, vivi, Violator, PimpMastaFlex, 15cents, P1nKyDaKlOwN, HyDrO, BoxDaCloWn, v1x, madamx, pimpslaw, RonaldMcDonald, Powda, TLK, ThEbIgMrKlOwN, KillaOutDaVilla, HomeyDaClown, Carrie Bradshaw, Sweet Tooth,

11th Brutal Force led by Koator $1.2 B
K3loPaPa, Diaper Bomb, P Rican Diva, Uncle Feelyhands, CreamyDelight, BlackxCat, hemp papers, beaker, FrogPimp, PimpZombie, smellyPOWER,

12th Old School Mafia led by Sub $1.1 B
treybone, Ron G, Frost-N9nE, Swurve, pete the pimp g, SirPimpalot, Marlboro Man, Old School Pimp, o-brian, Thug Luv, Smoothie22, Kangdapimp, badassuk11, BigNutz, DurtySoufPimp, Hoemann, STREET PIMP, mufr fukr, meat, Jizzmon, punk-ass-thug, DJ-SKY, SKITTA-KILLER, xxlucky pimpxx, Silent Assassin, Str8upG22, ort99us, Audiofreq, Sweet-Sin, bongsolo, CruNkeD2niTe, Thug4lif3, caniplay, PimpinWalrus, Blood911, Gangsta-Boogie, d d d dont shoot, niggerachi, Snap, bigdaddy05, AMMASB, pimpenator, ChRoNiCDUB, Relentless187, A-dog, Burt Reynolds,

13th Fear Factor led by Kashmir $1.1 B
John Gotti, AristoKeefe, R I P, BoneBuster, One Dollar, ToysRusPimp420, Mad Mike Oxlong, Huey, labrat, Tapmasta, pimp daddy, Jabba, the cracker, sldkhfasfuckaidf, lilpimp400, pimpahoilick, Don BalistK, BigMastaPimp69, hgih, skinny-d, Kenny G Spot, Ynos, Fimbo, status, hiv ho, dogge, redsonja13, psychodude85, DroopyLS, PinkyPimp666, Dilandau, sharpie, Head-Hunter, Stubbs, pimp daddy CANE, ice princess, Baddogg, MrSCAZARO, PiMp ByTcH, kongen85, Dirk Dickless,

14th blood Lines revenge led by thamother $981.1 M
Tha dog is Back, louptylou, PhishLycker, MUSEpimp, druglord09, steiner, TimeSplitter, YOLF DK, BlingFlo, WestSideGangster, one hung lo, HollisterGuy, ibepimpnu, Sinner, WhoopUrAss, Sco, PUNKASSTHUG, holiday gin, SlapMeSilly, bigwballs, EsKo9, Penisaurus, Qu, PimpJones, TheresHateInMe, Chainsaw, Flashing, metropimp, spanky5, Kojiroh, swag, ft jimmy, str8-pimpin, SnOw WhItE, popinnigas, 187goddess, Big Daddy Kasper, lojack,

15th In The Bed Room led by PUSS_n_BOOBS $962.7 M
Maustah, PIMPSRUS, 1hunglow, Mr Stinky, slickrick, StalkerKoffie, MrClean, man, Dragonfist, golden teath, jimbopimp, azmie, prettieyez, FIVEplustwo, hobbs2121, DrOctagon, kitty069, cscharlessc, 12 Inches, SmakinDaHoes, Freaky-Deaky, benzino, SlimdaPimp, Lexxa, badady, gangerz420, I Phucked ur mom, johny, Shugah-Kayne, GoldenChild, ComeToGetcha, Woody, nemesis9, Gameface, NorCal, GROTESLURF, jmoneyclip, MrBaseBallBat, playa, Black knight, playahata, jesusex godildo, POLbrown, Daft,

16th Dont Tempt Us led by Kayne_West $945.1 M
trucker1, Sam Rothstein, soloone, Leroy, AnniebPimp, w33dm4n, uk pimp, Deprived, I M Xtreme, 50 CENT, SJW, IFuckedYerSister, Shey, BoBoVelcro, Sn0-Cap, Cobra C, clickclackgrrl, nick dizzle, kraze, punkboi19, DJ PIMPIN HOES, slezzyhank, dykster, YeahHeyFUCKyou, Jesus-Is-Love, BDS HawaiianBoi, ddubble, Cyrus, Nokia, pimpin 316, candypants, PIMP Burnout, piumpish, PimpDaddyPane, Shaggington, lilpimpmel, Calgone-Risky, Kerry, DateDude, pimpstress 04, burnbitchesburn, Snipes01, mini dirt, chowmein, pimpinskool,

SkinnY PuppY, Str0ker Ace, Uncle Elroy, sirjerome, Halucneyegin, Mac Daddy, Thug Life 2004, THE BOB, djC-Note, IN COLD BLOOD, FatAssMutha, Metallica Demon, ScMexican, PimpHootchie, Apiestyle, Madmartigan, juggalopimp, IcarusZulu, Will Ferrell, Bonedaddy, M O D, DFWTAK, 1kcutz, VindictiveBitch, CuckingFunt, snakeyes, CUMFUCKERZ, Big Hank, Pimpdaddy K, Gangstarr, PimpCorey, pimp-01, crazy1, adubba d, The Punisher, hoodrat, Lil Flip, The Wild Man, SLICKEE, PiMpdeMHoeZ, lethal, phukker69, AMaZING WARLOOT2, chiko,

18th -DoomsDay- led by pimpsheralot $806.1 M
Kayous, MR Hash, Mr SkRiLlA, skunk, ThugMasta6, Mr Mush, ctsucks, pimpfreely, cOKA, drepimp870, greengold, EastCoastPimpin, triplih, BlazinAzn, qtbitch4u, money-mon, ladyhustle, ace2, Speedy LoC, mrhide, jdawg000, WincPimp, double, The wind BLEW, rowdy, ikillbitches,

19th U S A Pimps led by missfit1 $785.3 M
Al Crapone, ACES-N-EIGHTS, PimpTwyzted, Quixote, , mad-mitch, sorjai, Whooo ride, Eye-dea, DaFunky, Donte, Jai-Funk, PrincessDiala, g-string, MacDaHoe, Banks, ynot, jew, thriller, Tamers Hoe, cnote, JEDI PIMP, Noyfb, shepimp D, slickin, Evil Queen, MAORI AKA PIMP, shady, psyuk, BIG MIKE, pimpahohoho, Fairlight, jaunsie, stork, Dunk-Dunk, D O C X, Bigmoney JJ, Gstardelux, Delly, lilscrappy, bloodz eastside, K1lla Kl0wn,

20th HARD-HEADS led by kusrqmc $677.8 M
G thug83, broken eyes, lil-pimp, CL Smoothie, ViceOfGripness, McWang, cipolla, crack munky, LvKingPin, sexy kity, vpimp, pimpin4dollars, Yo mamaz pimp 69, us-pimpresedent, trynstopme, SUGARBEAR, weedo, Curt Dawg, Gusman, REVENGE, killayou, chillimo, Nabz, BIG-CASH, midastouch, 1BA, TSR TRIBE, SWIS, WALLSTREET, ho stilla, Cody ray,

21st Gangsta Nation led by xx50xx $588.7 M
OuTLaW PiMp, Ch3sty1, Fuck That Bitch, MissQT718, 12gauge, zab, saxmannr, JockWilson, Sambo, Menase, AceKing, DOHCVTEC, j dubb, SpRiNg FlOwEr, ceenote, ray, UcBiGPimP46, MajickNinja, hoesnather, Scarface the G, Frol, Habuku, KoTTnMouFPimP420, Pooty Tang, Dolamite, Sweettea, Bad Boy Mack, Blondisma, rubberbandman, Mongaloid, notta dollar,

22nd Irish Hooligans led by WinterHawk $581.8 M
hodaddy, Kyrow, MaddDogg2020, Acheles187, Sindie, BIGIRISH, Scare, PaperChase, supermack, Thigmoo, HOOLIGAN BASTARD, Artisticdevil, SweetPimptress, DirtyMF, Hooligan Flyer, RaNdDeBiEl, The-Outlaw, xTonedefx, mobtown hooligan, Olifant, Graff, Bubba, Swindle,

23rd H20 Thugs led by Remulon $518.6 M
piminator, HapEt, Calling Wolf, SLAMD CIVC, BLOODBONE, HolyPimp, CANDI CANE, SHAFT, FoxyZen, Denim, Pimp-Star-Deluxe, VladIII, DragonBull, Willard, macaroni, puffy z, Slapton, Apb, FredPimpstone, NyMpHoE,

24th WidoW-MakerS led by Black_Widow $510.5 M
ken, -JeStEr-, jackal, Obiwan-Pimpnobi, Tyranus, JohnnyBGood, pink, karanga, shyboy, TazmanianDevil, gamemaster, Warre, st-george, Segafredo, iori, true pimp, elnumerouno, Pantha, SlappyMcPimphand,

25th LA COSA NOSTRA led by ROBGOTTI_RIP $478.6 M
Prime Suspect, knoct-out, EliteCrackTroopr, Napalm, Chaz, 40 0z to freedom, JohnnyFatnuts, BeGg4MeRcYyY, imdamastapimp, Deadly Dano, Baby Face, therealchoker, bigmo72, BiLLa, Slime, zimyad100, Rurouni, heynow, PapaCaps, jackel, aaronloss1,