Privacy Policy

(Last updated March 6th 2009)

Welcome to the Happy Empire gaming community! The application or game you are installing or registering for is owned and operated by Happy Empire Inc ("Happy Empire"). This document will outline the privacy policy of Happy Empire Inc and how we collect and use the information we gather when you use our applications. Your privacy is important to us and if you have any questions regarding this document please contact us at

Your right to privacy

We respect your right to keep your private information private. We collect various information from you throughout your experience on our servers and applications.


Happy Empire uses web browser cookies as part of the technology we use to give you a fun gaming experience. Some of our applications will require you to accept cookies sent to allow you to authenticate with the game servers. No personal identifying information is stored in these cookies.

Third parties and Social Network Sites

You may be using a Happy Empire application by way of a Social Networking site or similar third party website or service. You should review and understand their terms of serivce in regards to your privacy as each service is governed by their own policies.

Protect your self and your neighbor

Please be cautious of what information you post in chat, message boards and in your profiles with in the game environment. Although Happy Empire Inc will not collect your personal informartion others may. A good rule of thumb is to not post any information about yourself that you would not want a creepy stranger on the street to have. We suggest that you do not share your address, email, phone or even your real name with anyone you do not know.

Please report any suspicious or unusual activity ot the administrators via the support page of the application you are using. Do not post the information of others at anytime.

Transfer of Assets and Information

In the event of the sale or transfer of ownership of Happy Empire or any part, game or appplication owned by Happy Empire, we reserve the right to transfer any and all data and assets related to that sale to the new owner.


You agree that you will not knowingly publish the personal and private information about anyone into any application environments at anytime. Furthermore you acknowledge that if you do your account will be terminated.