Pimpwar.com rules

1. Multiple accounts: You may only have one master account. Multiple accounts by the same person is cheating.
2. No sitting in: Do not play other people's accounts and do not let them play yours.
3.Play fair: Under no circumstances are you permitted to transfer any items between characters to increase the net worth of one character at the expense of others. Do not offer up items to others or accept their offers.
4. Supering: You may not coordinate attacks with people who are not in your alliance or gang. You may post leaker's and attacks to the Daily Word and City message boards, profiles, and in #pimpwar (chat) but not to individual people in other alliances. You may not post ANYTHING in your profile, msg board OR to other pimps indicating that you are finished playing that round. If you are done playing make sure you are not holding cash and your thugs and hoes are happy and simply log out.
5. Bugs: Report all bugs. If you think you found something that doesn't seem right, email webmaster@pimpwar.com. If you are found to be abusing bugs we will remove you permanently. If you are the first to report a bug which can be duplicated and is in fact a bug, you will be rewarded.
6. Racism, harassment, hacking, threats, and fraud will not be tolerated here. All instances will result in immediate and permanent removal from all games. We prosecute all fraud and report all threats of physical violence and racism to the proper authorities and your Internet Service Provider.
7.Auto-Play: Auto-refresh options, programs, scripts or anything else which may help you automate your game is not allowed. If you are found to be using a program or script for any reason you will be removed
8.Don't be an asshole: The bottom line is use common sense. As stated in the disclaimer you agreed to when signing up to play Pimpwar, we reserve the right to remove any account at any time without explanation or reason.

9.Spam: Do not advertise other games, services, or web sites. There is a zero tolerance policy for spam. Don't do it.

10. Personal Information:

DO NOT share your myspace, facebook, Instant messenger, or other personal information with anyone in game. If you share information with players and it is used against you it's something you have to deal with. Do not give any info away which you can not live with being thrown back in your face.

On the same note, do NOT post other peoples addresses, names, phone numbers or other information which would lead to them being tracked down in the real world.

11: Copyrights: Do not use other peoples flash images, icons or other media. If you do not own it and do not have expressed permission to use it then don't.

12. Frozen: If you are frozen you may email abused@pimpwar.com. You should respond to the email which is sent to you when you are frozen as it will have a description of the reason you were frozen and the duration of the freeze. Please see the email listing below and make sure your email address is up to date.

13. Email: You are responsible for your email address being up to date. If you need to change it you can do so by logging into your master account and clicking on the options link. If you are frozen or win a prize in game and you can not appeal the freeze or validate the win because your email address you will not be unfrozen and you will not get the prize.

14. IRC & Chat: The pimpwar.com irc server is irc.pimpwar.com. You may connect using a number of free IRC clients . Mirc is popular for the PC and Ircle is popular for the Mac. If you need help you can join the #pimpwar-admin channel. If you want to hang out and chill #pimpwar is the main chat room.

14. Pimpwar Staff: Pimpwar.com has a wonderful family of volunteer staff members. We have developers, administrators and helpers. Please treat them with respect as we love them all and will not tolerate them being abused.If you have concerns or compliments regarding any of the pimpwar staff please email webmaster@pimpwar.com and let us know.

You get what you give: We know that emotions often run hot and heavy sometimes. There is absolutely no reason for things to get ugly when talking about game issues. Please do not make personal attacks or start swearing up a storm if you were frozen or run into a game bug. Simply ask what happened any why and be honest. If you lie to the admin's if you were caught cheating you may be asked to leave the game for good. If you are honest you may be given a temporary suspension and allowed to play in subsequent games.

Other Stuff:

PimpWar is offered as-is. It is a work in progress. If events occur which cause any delay or interruption in service we will do our best to get things going again as soon as possible to ensure you have the best possible gaming experience.

All actions and results in game are final. At no time will accounts be altered by administrators to restore or otherwise change the values of items which are used to calculate a players rank in game.

Profile media: This may be a JPG, GIF or PNG format image, or a Macromedia Flash or Director (V7) animation. It may be no more than 150 pixels large in width and no more than 150 pixels in height. This picture or animation may be no larger than 1MB in file size. You may not link to any sites from your profile, force popups, or advertise for other games. You may not show pictures or graphics displaying or depicting death, full nudity, abortion or racism. These images will be removed and your account disabled.

Please read the sign-up disclaimer you agreed to when joining. It is available at http://www.pimpwar.com/support/disclaimer.pimp

updated: 2/25/2008