Do I have to pay to play PimpWar?.
Who made PimpWar?
How long do the games last?
Do you think I am sexy?

I purchased credits but they did not show up in my game account, what happened?
What will my credit card statement say?
I paid with an Echeck through Pay Pal. Why didn't I get my credits right away?
Where can I buy some credits or turns and how much are they?

How do I report a cheater or someone who broke the rules?
Why are my hoes and thugs unhappy?
What's the difference between a master account and a game account?
Is it true that world leaders play PimpWar?
Where can I get PimpWar shirts?
How can I put a custom icon for my character or alliance?
What does supporter status give me?


When you purchase credits they go instantly into your master account which is located at To get your credits into your game so you can open up a case of whoop follow the directions below.

Step #1. Go to and click the "login" link.

Step #2. Login using your master account user name and password.

Step #3. Click the "USE CREDITS" link on the left hand side of the page.

Step #4. Choose the amount of credits you want to transfer and also select the character and game you want to send them to and click the button.

Step #5. Login to the game you just transferred the credits to. You can do this by either clicking on the "GAMES" link on the left hand side or by going directly to the game server URL if you know it.

Step #6. Look on your main menu underneath where your turns are. You will see the number of reserve credits you have. Click the word reserve and choose how many you want to transfer to turns.

Step #7. Open up a case of whoop ass on that bitch ass who called you his woman yesterday.

Step #8. Smile as the messages to "please please stop don't fuck with me anymore pleeeeeassseee man I'm cool with you y0!" come pouring in.

Step 9. Keep attacking.

Step 10. Smile.