Do I have to pay to play PimpWar?.
Who made PimpWar?
How long do the games last?
Do you think I am sexy?

I purchased credits but they did not show up in my game account, what happened?
What will my credit card statement say?
I paid with an Echeck through Pay Pal. Why didn't I get my credits right away?
Where can I buy some credits or turns and how much are they?

How do I report a cheater or someone who broke the rules?
Why are my hoes and thugs unhappy?
What's the difference between a master account and a game account?
Is it true that world leaders play PimpWar?
Where can I get PimpWar shirts?
How can I put a custom icon for my character or alliance?
What does supporter status give me?


When you become a pimpwar supporter you get a few options which are not available to non supporters.

First of we stop chanting your name during the nightly singing of the bandwidth leech song.

You are able to join any game that has not reached it maximum capacity. There is a higher limit on games for supporters so most of the time you can get in any game with no problem.

You have exclusive access to the supporters only game.

You can use custom icons for your alliance if you are the founder or in your personal profile.

You can reserve your pimpname for 45 days from the last time you purchased credits.

Your looks will increase significantly and people will no longer giggle as you walk by in public places and whisper something about a "pug".

You will be blessed with the satisfaction that you made someone else cry at their computer when you marched into their hood and fucked their shit up.

More much much more...